Register your local pump track

Our goal is to make a global register of every pump track around the world and to make this happen we need your help.

1.Pump track details
Coordinates (e.g. -29.764025 30.932218, cannot contain ° , ` ” W S)
To find out the coordinates, select the exact location on Google Maps, right click on the red dot, select “What’s here?” and copy the coordinates including the “-“ when present. The first number is the latitude, the second number is the longitude.
Google Maps URL (find your pump track on Google Maps, click on “share" and copy the link)
Description text (English only; e.g. details on the layout, specialty of this track)
Please select the track type/s:
2.Upload photos of your pump track. Only provide a link to Dropbox or WeTransfer. Ensure that you have the rights to share these images with Images must be at least 2500px in width.
3.Your information – This will not be published on the website. It is only for us to contact you directly to ask for any additional information we may need.