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Results: Nanaimo and Hokkaido

After an incredible weekend of racing in Canada and Japan, 16 more athletes have qualified for the World Final.

Nanaimo, BC, Stevie Smith Memorial Park

Ben Leslie 1st place 

Dillon Butcher 2nd place 

Nate Berkheimer 3rd place 

Mark Wallace 4th place 

Harriet Burbidge-Smith 1st place 

Karsen Tielen 2nd place 

Erin Kinnie 3rd place 

Aleda Toronitz 4th place

Hokkaido, Japan

ナカイ アスマAsuma Nakai 1st place

ヨシイ コウヘイKohei Yoshii  2nd place

マスダ ユウイチYuichi Masuda  3rd Place

オオシモ ユウマYuma Oshimo  4th Place 

サカキバラ サヤSaya Sakakibara 1st place

タンノ カナミKanami Tanno 2nd place

ヤブタ ジュイJui Yabuta  3rd Place

ナカムラ カナコKanako Nakamura 4th Place