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Snow worries and the northernmost pump track at Harstad, Norway.

Harstad  Pump Track by Velosolutions is the most northern pump track on planet earth.  It is so far North, it’s inside the Arctic Circle.  In the winter months, there is ‘no daylight’… in the peak of summer, the sun never sets.  It is such a strange concept for somebody like myself that hasn’t ever ventured that far from the fat belly of our planet.  I google-searched for ‘Sunset June 1st Harstad Norway’, and got the feedback “up all day”.  That’s cool, they get to ride pump tracks 24/7 for the next 2 months or more…. Once they clear the snow….

Stian Evensen from the Harstad Cykleklubb shared this story with us.

„This has been an extraordinary winter packed with snow from October until today (about 10 cm last night and still more coming).

At most, I guess, there has been more than 170 cm of snow in the bike park and all over the two pump tracks. But because of the wind, all berms are levelled to the same hight as the rest of the track.

We started digging about 10 days ago with some initiative from one of our younger members, Håkon Tunes (18).  He wanted to start riding the pump track. He dug all the way to the bottom by himself, about 150 cm and started to gather people to start shovelling. Håkon is one of the most enthusiastic.

The first organised volunteer workgroup gathered more than 20 people digging with their own shovels.

This weekend we allowed some snow blowers, but we were really worried about the machine making scratches into the asphalt. That worked out fine! And today the smallest pump track (1250 m2) is open and rideable. Pizza and cold drinks for everybody!

The large track, «The Beast» is all covered in snow but we have started on working with this one as well. I have no estimate for opening and it all depends on the weather and the work of the snow throwers.

Last year there was no snow in the park at this time, but as I said earlier this Winter has been ruthless to us☹

During Winter we have some fat bikers enjoying themselves in the park of Harstad, but we hope to make it more rideable, with much less snow in the beginning.

This summer we are installing a huge lighting system around both tracks so we can ride in the dark season, making the season longer (the sun is gone from 20. November until 15. January)! Hopefully we won’t have the same problem as we did this year when first snow arrived in late October.“