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Switzerland raises the bar of Pump Track racing to the next level

What a great day at the races! The homeland of the current world champions enjoyed a great turnout of athletes and spectators. 64 riders competed in front of over 500 spectators at the qualifier in Gempen and raised the bar of Pump Track racing in Switzerland.

Gempen is not exactly known as the urban hub of Switzerland, but they for sure know how to do a Pump Track race up in the mountains! The qualifier featured some of the fastest riding we have seen to date, with a beautiful mountain landscape as the perfect background. The 150m track contains four U-Turns, which asks for full concentration at this speed level. BMX dominated the race this time around, although a far greater turnout of professional BMX riders than mountain bikers showed on the day.

Allez les Romands (go Frenchies)

The 17-years-old athlete from the French part of Switzerland, Borel Tristen, was unstoppable today. He mastered the track in a lighting speed of only 16.85 seconds, with what is sure to be a  new track record. Now a proud member of the BMX club Echichens, he’s been riding since the age of 4 years and won the fourth place at the BMX World Championship in the 16-year-old category last year. His main goal at the moment is to get more race experience to prepare for the Olympic Games, and above all, have fun. When we asked him for his racing secrets, his answer was pretty French: “Tournez Vite”, meaning “Turn Fast”.

The Aeberhards are on the advance

It seems that in Switzerland, it is common to make Pump Track racing a family thing. Nadine Aeberhard took the win in the women’s category, with an amazing time of 18.31 seconds, only 1.5s slower than her male counterpart. Her brother Loris scored 3rd place. No wonder, the 17-year-old has been riding nearly all her life, was crowned World Champion at 15, and is currently 3rd in the Europa BMX Cup. Her big dream is going to the Olympics:

“If we get enough UCI points for the Swiss team, we might even get two slots. And since I am currently the second best female rider, my dream might become real in 2020. And if not for sure in 2014!“

Carbon is not everything

Switzerland proved, that the level of Pump Track riding has improved dramatically since last year. When we asked the winners for their secrets, they told us that the material does not matter that much, but hard training and discipline make the difference: “You don’t always need the best gear to win. I won the World Championships twice with an aluminium bike, so just go out, train hard and it will pay off. “ (Nadine Aeberhard)

The series takes a little break leading up to the next qualifier in Germany on the 22nd of June. See you there!

Final Ranking


  1. Borel Tristan  – SUI Chesalles-sur-Oron (16.85s)
  2. von Niederhäusern Nils  – SUI Wattenwil (17.27s)
  3. Aeberhard Loris SUI – Rapperswil (17.73)
  4. Rufener Renato – SUI – Steffisburg (17.42s)


  1. Aeberhard Nadine –  SUI Rapperswil BE (18.31s)
  2. Newkirk Anna  – SUI Riehen (19.32s)
  3. Juillerat Louanne  – SUI Vugelles la Mothe (20.44s)
  4. Böhm Mareike  – GER Ober-Ramstadt (23.08s)

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