Sevlievo Bike Park

The first Velosolutions asphalt pump track in Bulgaria. A nice small pump track covering an area of about 500 sq. m with a total track length of 80m. Other features that you can find in the bike park are several dirt jump lines, trial zone and a kids skills area.

a very challenging pumptack with many turns

dirt pump track of 1350 m2, is maintained by the young people who live in the community, built by the bicycle school foundation

major elements of the park including 2 flow trails, 3 pump tracks, and 3 progressive jump lines

Spanning 3.2 acres, it includes beginner and intermediate bike trails, beginner’s zone, a jump line and the largest modular pump track in the state of California! The park also features a rest area to take a break before or after your ride.

Pumptrack and jumplines . Pumptrack with lighting at night.

Jössefors Pump Track with a total area of 1700 m2 is divided into two levels – the children’s loop and the main pump track. Exclusive asphalt landscapes will unveil any rider\’s creativity! Special features: huge berms and a unique asphalt jump-box. Length of track: 215 m. Pump Track owns a special story. The track was created thanks to the initiative of local firefighters from “Jössefors Idrottsklubb†who are passionate about both football and cycling. They came up with the idea of building a new place for active people – pump track in their hometown of Jössefors.

Varbergs MTB Pump Track is a hyper progressive Velosolutions pump track that spans over 1500 m2 with a main loop of 152 meters and plenty of cool options and trajectories. There’s also a proper jump line for all you shredders out there! It’s something to look forward to! A cool dirt jump area is also planned next to it, so no doubt this will be the place to go! The pump track is an association-owned sports facility for bicycles of all types: dirt, mtb, bmx, and, for the youngest, balance bikes.

Stallarholmens Pump Track is located right next to the city’s athletic track and football field. The Velosolutions pump track is a great addition to the active area, occupying 985 m2 and featuring fast rollers, big turns, and plenty of sneaky transfer lines! The track is 142 meters long and offers an opportunity to improve your riding skills while also having fun. Also, it’s about an hour’s drive away from Stockholm.

Upesciems Pump Track – one of the innovations & highlights of 2021. Some have already said it out loud – it\’s the first Velosolutions freestyle pump track! The area is full of surprises and integrated freestyle elements, such as rails, boxes, wallride, jumps.. you name it! The youngest riders can start their first riding steps on the BTA Velomaster track, which is located right next to the asphalt pump track.

Pump track located on the border of Belo Horizonte and Nova Lima, MG. Opened in September 2021, the place welcomes cyclists of all ages to improve their techniques. A pioneering project by Sense Bicycle Industries to spread all types of cycling on Brazilian soil.

Children’s track located in Aplhaville, MG. A pioneering project by Sense Bicycle Industries to encourage mountain biking from an early age.

185 m lenght

Jössefors Pump Track with a total area of 1700 m2 is divided into two levels – the children’s loop and the main pump track. Exclusive asphalt landscapes will unveil any rider’s creativity. Special features: huge berms and a unique asphalt jump-box. Length of track: 215 m. Pump Track owns a special story. The track was created thanks to the initiative of local firefighters from Jössefors who are passionate about both football and cycling. They came up with the idea of building a new place for active people – pump track in their hometown of Jössefors.

The first Velosolutions Pump Track in the Czech Republic. It serves as a part of mtb bike park. It consists of a kids track, jump line and a pump track with a total length of 400 m. You definitely have to try it!

Pumptrack is situated in a small park in the middle of the Vinohrady housing estate. 1000 square meters of pumptrack offers countless transferences and possibilities. The racing profile of the track will satisfy even experienced riders.

This medium sized Pumptrack is very attractive, with its multiple connections and links with the Skate Park. Guaranteed fun.

The Pumptrack of Saint-Ludger-de-Milot is very Cool, surprising despite its size, a Bowl which has been painted in Poutine gives charm and a lot of options and pleasure to users. Welcome to St-Ludger-de-Milot.

There is a Pump Track of 194 m long and a kids pump track of 52m long. The total area of the Pump Track is of 1583m2

The Pump Track is 111 m long and the total area of the Pump Track is of 862m2. The Pump Track is connected with a skate park in two places.

The Pump Track is 192 m long and the total area of the Pump Track is of 1120m2. The Pump Track is connected with a skate park in many places and the pump track is passing over the skate park.

Pump track and skate park

A redundant bowls green has been transformed into a 200m rotational symmetry pump track with endless transfer lines! Plus it’s floodlights mean you can ride all through winter!

A special 100m pump track weaving through the trees on a bank between sports fields.

110m pump track boasting a long jump rhythm straight and fun S corners.

185m of smooth, fast, fun! The track is packed full of different features with multiple transfer options, long jump straights and 180 berms.

Nail your cornering skills on this Pump Track in Dumfries full of berms and jump straights!

Milnshaw Park Pump Track presents ~120m Pump Track ~100m adventure trail suitable for beginners and adaptive bikes or timed laps with your mates. Also included are road markings to help you practice those important road safety skills!

In Imperia a high performance playground for everything with wheels! The Pump Track in Imperia is both a playground and a training facility for cyclists, skateboarders or scooters of all skill levels. A reference point for all types of cyclists looking for a fun and action-packed sporting experience. A popular attraction that becomes a hub of activity for the community and visitors alike. Athletes have fun on the pump track practising basic activities such as maintaining momentum, improving balance and gaining speed by using their arms and legs to push their bike, board or scooter around the track. The structure is suitable for beginners and experts, and the track itself adapts to everyone\’s evolutions, offering endless possibilities for speed and momentum for jumps. The Imperia track is the first pump track built in Liguria, open all year round and free of charge. Bikes, scooters, roller skates and skateboards are allowed. To access the track, it is compulsory to wear an approved helmet, limb bumpers and suitable clothing.

Cycling enthusiasts should not miss the Pump Track in Ugovizza. This track is characterised by the presence in succession of humps, bumps and parabolic curves and allows various combinations aimed at the enjoyment of the user. The aim is to cover the track without pedalling, but only using the thrust (pump) of the body created by the continuous movement of bending and extension. The Pump Track is suitable for everyone, from the youngest who are just beginning to use a bike to adults who want to improve their riding technique. The track can also be used on a balance bike, scooter, skateboard, roller skates or simply on a mountain bike!

The Pumptrack facility with adjoining fitness area is located near the Coc headquarters in Via Madonna di Carpineto (adjacent to the sports field) and is always open. It is also possible to enter in the evening hours as it is equipped with night lighting. For the month of August admission is free. Before entering the facility, it is strongly recommended that you read the Regulations, which can be downloaded from the Rapino Municipality website.

The PumpTrack in Veendam is part of the largest Skills Garden in the Netherlands! On an area of ​​6300 m2, various sports and exercise facilities for young and old, top and recreational sports and organized and unorganized sports can be found. Velosolutions has installed both a PumpTrack and an Urban Wave here with a surface area of ​​no less than 1200 m2.

In the middle of the greenery, near the sports fields, an outdoor swimming location and a fishing pond, we realized this track in Gendt in 2021. The track has a length of 100 meters with curves of no less than 130 cm high. Publicly accessible and built on behalf of the municipality for the children & youth of Gendt

The Velosolutions Pump Track in Herent is located at the Bart Swings Sports Center and was built together with a skate track at the end of summer 2021. The track has a length of 200 meters and is freely accessible daily until 10 pm.

Small kids track. 400m2.

Pump Park with a Donut

This Velosolutions Pump Track runs alongside a concrete skate park and parkour facility. A contemporary 143m long track with multiple line options, double berms and S berm sections.

This track in London features a BMX start training area, learn to ride area on the MUGA and a full asphalt pump park.Although the berms weren\’t able to be as high as some of our tracks, you\’ll still have a great time on any wheel sport!

Northern Ireland’s first Velosolutions Pump Track 110m in length! It complements the existing multi-use trail facilities in the Town Park. It features adjacent berms and jump/rhythm straights.

Bristol has been Velosolutionized, 175m of smooth, steep, pure fun! Featuring multiple transfer options, long jump straights, double berms and S corners.

A pump park design providing transfer lines galore and endless flow!

Massive asphalt track built by C&K in 2021

It is inside an urban park. There is a culture center, a coffee shop and a playground.


Pump Track with 2 mirror lines

Velosolutions Pump Track with kids track and two bowls allowing many transfer solutions. Good for beginners. More than 1000 m2 in size.

Velosolutions Asphalt Pump Track – 4200 SF – 310 LF – 5 berms – So Much Fun!!!

Pump Track complet et accessible à toutes et à tous. Plusieurs possibilités de transferts, de lignes. Beaucoup de virages à 180 degrés.

Newly finished asphalt pump track

An outdoor asphalt Pump Track, a perfect playground with a medium difficult level, for bikes, skates and rollerblade. The Pump was made by Velosolution in June 2021, it\’s length 126 meters inside Area Tarolli. Into the 13 hectares you\’ll find a Camper Area with 25 stands, a bike park for Mtb , bar, swimming pool and a disc golf park.

Pump Track and Skate Park

Description text: Bike360 Pumptrack was born in 2021 and it is located in Tuscany, exactly in Ponte Buggianese between Florence and Lucca. With 250 linear meters the Velosolutions Pumptrack of Ponte Buggianese is one of the largest pumptrack in Italy. The track itself is certainly one of the most challenging made in Italy, with 15 bends of various radius and a straight 36 meters on half way of the track. Bike360 Pumptrack is also sorrounded by large area with different mtb tracks for kids and adults.

Southern Maine\’s first pump track sets a high bar for quality and family fun. Pump tracks get kids excited about riding bikes, building community and increasing outdoor exercise. Created in 2019 through fundraising by the Gorham Conservation Commission (GCC) and Greater Portland New England Mountain Bike Association (GP NEMBA), the pump track was professionally built by Alex Fowler of Action Sports Construction. The pump track is off the Weeks road in Gorham, roughly across from Laurel Pines Drive south of the Gorham Middle School. Riders can park at the middle school, or park further north at the Gorham High School and ride trails to the pump track.

Springfield BMX Raceway, Pump Track, Beginners, Novice, Pro

Big pump track with jump line and quite long.

Excelente asphalt pump track by Velosolutions

A beautiful and brand new natural pump track in the middle of the green trees in the recreation area of Algund between the mini golf course, the children\’s playground and the sports field.

The first and the biggest (800m2) hungarian racing pumptrack! The waves of the track were made in various sizes, with a distribution of 3/4/5 m, from a height of 30 cm to 1 m, the curves were made with 3.3 and 4 m radius, with a height of 1.3-1.5 m. You won’t get bored of them because they can be combined to the extreme! You decide whether to jump in a double or transfer from one bend to another, with which you can even change direction! More lines The track basically consists of two laps, a big circle with fun-boxes and an S-turn, you decide where you go. But you can also combine them, you can go from one place to another in several places. Dirtline Do you want a little more than smooth pumping? We have integrated 3 pcs 1.5-2 m high fun-boxes into the big circle, so if you are a beginner, don\’t be afraid! You can roll it smoothly and jump later! The kid track is separated.

The longest pump in Slovakia in the heart of the largest housing estate. More than 550 metres of different tracks, asphalt pavement, public lighting during all night long

Welcome to our world class velo solutions pumptrack!

Our world class Velosolutions pumptrack is a perfect playground for experienced flow skateboarders to carve, or newbie riders to find their feet on a smooth, predictable track.

Our ticketing office has a range of Ryd Boards available for sale, pop in and check them out!


Total shred area : 2600m²

Track length: 299m

Jumpline length: 72m


Host your next kids party with us

The Pump Track and Kids Zone will be the perfect place to host your kids birthday parties, we’ve teamed up with the catering teams from Blaauwklippen Wine Estate to take care of your snacks and hospitality needs.

Learn more here

In Sprimont we created a Kids Wave Park of 200m2. The course is in a unique location in the park behind the town hall of Sprimont. The wave is accessible for the little ones and for all kinds of sports equipment such as scooters, balance bikes, skateboards and bicycles. Success for the whole family guaranteed!

Near the Dutch coast we were asked to build another Kids PumpTrack. For no less than 6 years, the residents of Domburg have done their best to realize a PumpTrack. With a lot of patience, cooperation with the municipality and support from sponsors, they succeeded! The PumpTrack is 80 meters long and a good introduction to the world of PumpTracks. Not only for the residents of Domburg, but also for the tourists who visit this beautiful coastal town.

One of our first PumpTracks in the Randstad. The PumpTrack in The Hague is 180m long and constructed in Ypenburg. In addition to the asphalt PumpTrack, there is also a concrete skate park.

Beijing Velomountain is the largest and most comprehensive Velosolutions Pump Track Park in China and – believe it or not – located just outside the fourth ring road, a 5 minutes walk from Chaoyang Joy City and Qingnian Road Subway Station. It features a symmetric Beginner Pump Track perfect for head-to-head racing, a super fast and exciting Race Track, a massive Jump Track, as well as the first Velosolutions Kids Jump Track in the world. The latter has been specifically designed to suit the smaller wheel sizes of China\’s ambitious balance bike kids and offers a perfect introduction to air time! An array of services including professional pump track training, gear rental and sales, chill out zone, refreshments, etc. is available on site, making it a perfect spot to enjoy some urban outdoors in China\’s bustling capital.

3 pump trakcs with 3 colors green, blue and red, plus one black jump bonus line

The Pump Track of Pianezza was made by Velosolutions. It is playground and training facilitie for bikers, skateboarders, scooter or rollerblade riders of all skill levels. Asphalted tracks are hotspots for all kinds of riders who seek a fun and action-filled sports experience. Velosolutions Pump Tracks are highly popular destinations that become a hive of community activity. Riders enjoy practicing the basic skills of carrying momentum, improving balance and building speed by using their arms and legs to pump their bike/board/scooter around the track. As riders improve their skills, the tracks are designed to provide the option for more challenges with increased speed and skill, without needing to change the construction. A feature that a 5-year-old can roll through can be used as a gap jump for a professional.

Small pumptrack with plenty of creatives lines

This venue features a standard Velosolutions Pump Track and the first ever oversized track (2.5m wide, 1.5m high berms) in New Zealand!

Pumptrack with two circuits for beginners and confirmed : a ring with 4 rollers and a track with 3 tables of different lengths and 2 small doubles. Fast corners but no big jump however.

In the centre of Brussels the old dirt track with wooden and plastic modules is complemented with this brand new PumpTrack of 120 meters. Next to that the PumpTrack will get a Wall Ride in the near future, a first for Europe!

Near to Antwerp this track is another addition to the list of PumpTracks in Belgium. This track located in Schoten has an impressive length of 340m including a kids track, fun and excitement guaranteed!

Pump Track situated on holiday park Lente van Drenthe. With a total length of 125 meters and loads of transfer options this PumpTrack is a beautiful addition to the existing activities at the campsite. Perfect location to get to know the world of PumpTracks. Fun for both young and old.

PumpTrack situated on campsite Eiland van Maurik. With a total length of 188 meters this PumpTrack is a beautiful addition to the existing activities at the campsite. Perfect location to get to know the world of PumpTracks. Fun for both young and old as there is a separate kids part as well.

One of the biggest PumpTracks of the Netherlands, situated in a sports park completed dedicated to Urban Sports. The PumpTrack is 228 meters long and a Jump Line of 180m is included. Making it not only possible to pump but also jump around!

Description text: Rather small pump in the heart of El Raval of Barcelona, right next to Avinguda Paral.lel not far from the Apolo venue. With a skate spot right next to it, it’s definitely worth a visit. Best times to show up would be morning or evening since it’s visited my many kids in the afternoon – which can cause a few traffic hazards.

Small gravel pump track next to Rankin Park football pitches. Built in 2015.

Pump Track avec plusieurs lignes de différents niveaux. Piste très complète avec un bowl en forme de trèfle, ce qui offre des opportunités de transfert.

Description text: Pump Track développé par Velosolutions France. Bonne qualité de l\’enrobé ce qui favorise l\’utilisation de tous types d\’engins. Accessible à  tous les niveaux, plusieurs possibilités de combinaisons.

Très bon Pump Track à  Nouvoitou construit par Velosolutions France. Surface de la piste très roulante, donc accessible à  tous les engins (rollers, trottinettes, skates, bmx) Des bosses et des virages agréables à  rouler, au sein d’un espace arboré.

Description text: Espace de pratique accessible à  tous, aussi bien pour les personnes débutantes que celles confirmées. Le cadre de pratique est fait pour passer une bonne après-midi, le lieu est aménagé pour être confortable.

Description text: Très bon Pump Track, bien complet et bien roulable. De nombreuses séries de bosses et de virages. Au milieu du Pump Track il y a une partie qui offre la possibilité de faire plusieurs transferts.

Description text: Ce Pump Track est très complet et accessible à tous les âges et à tous les niveaux. Il y a aussi un Kids Track pour les plus jeunes qui font leurs premiers tours de pistes. De belles lignes de bosses et des virages idéals pour s’amuser et prendre du plaisir, un bowl se trouve au centre de la piste, idéal pour faire des transferts. Il y a tout un aménagement autour de cet espace, pensé pour les pratiquants. Le Pump Track se trouve à côté du Skatepark.

Description text: Le Pump Track se trouve au coeur des montagnes. C’est
un cadre qui ne peut que donner envie de rouler et dans lequel vous
serez amené à passer un bon moment. La piste est de qualité et
permet la pratique de toutes et tous.

Martigny-Combe Municipality makes this fun & meeting space available to the population free of charge. It includes a pump park dedicated to the practice of sliding sports (skateboard, scooter, rollerblades, BMX, mountain bike), a multi-sports ground, a ping-pong table and a meeting area. A unique blend of a skatepark and a pump track built by Velosolutions, the first pump park in French-speaking Switzerland is located behind Martigny-Croix school.

One of the biggest pumptracks in Russia was constructed by FK-ramps in Maryino district of Moscow in 2018. It has a great location on a bank of Moscow-river and 5000m2 of space with 4 pumping sections of 700m long. There comes a dual line, wide rhythm section, a surrounding speed track and a newbie ring outside the main layout.

This extensive action sports cluster was constructed by FK-ramps team in 2019. This space is located in public park. It has a pumptrack of 1500m2 and a concrete skatepark with snake run, equipment rental and lights for the evening sessions.

Pump track in Sevastopol is part of an extensive extreme cluster of 2100m2 finished in 2019 by FK-ramps in Crimea! Brand-new park of Sevastopol in Uchkuevka has various places of attraction for everyone and a city beach to chill in a Black Sea. This pumptrack was designed by Alliance ASE. Aside from the main curves we foreseed the small loop for newbies and a concrete mini-plaza for
skaters to shred.

This public space was developed by FK-ramps in 2019 in Pushkino, Moscow region. It has an asphalt pumptrack of 350m2 with surrounding terraced chill-space on the entrance of a shopping mall.

This pump track is part of a new public space of 14700m2 in Tosno – a small town on a highway from St.Petersburg to Moscow. It was designed by Alliance ASE and built by FK-ramps. This sports cluster contains a concrete skatepark, team sports courts, table tennis and work-out facilities.

Pumptrack in Gatchina is a part of extreme sports cluster of 3000m2. This project was developed by FK-ramps in 2019. Here
comes an asphalt pumptrack, concrete bowl and a plywood skatepark for local kids to spend their time with advantage.