Alūksne, Latvia

Pump Track, Jump Track

last edited Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Pump Track Jump Track
C3C5+H2 Alūksne
C3C5+H2 Aluksne, Alūksne pilsēta, Latvia
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Velosolutions GmbH Via Stenna 4 7017 Flims Switzerland +41 81 911 12 12


Welcome to Alūksne Bike Park, where adrenaline and art collide! The main pump track spans a generous 1392.9m², providing an exhilarating playground for riders of all levels and a perfect arena for competitions. But that's not all—the park also has a smaller freestyle pump track, measuring 943.5m², which boasts exciting features like the rainbow rail, flat box, and jump line. What sets this track apart is the stunning mural art created by the talented Latvian local artist, Vour. This infusion of art into our sports infrastructure creates a unique and captivating outdoor experience where the worlds of pump tracks and creativity intertwine, offering a new dimension to the outdoor infrastructure. In addition, next to the pump tracks is Velomaster Bike Park, which is made for learning how to properly overcome obstacles found in a city environment. Get ready to ride, immerse yourself in art, and witness the magic of Alūksne Pump Tracks!