Velosolutions Pump Track Area Tarolli

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An outdoor asphalt Pump Track, a perfect playground with a medium difficult level, for bikes, skates and rollerblade. The Pump was made by Velosolution in June 2021, it\’s length 126 meters inside Area Tarolli. Into the 13 hectares you\’ll find a Camper Area with 25 stands, a bike park for Mtb , bar, swimming pool and a disc golf park.

Opening hours

Monday: Close Tuesday: 14-20 Wednesday: 14-20 Thursday: 9-13 / 15-23 Friday: 14-20 Saturday: 9-13 / 15-20 Sunday: 9-13 / 15-20

Entry fee

With our bike: 10€‚ x 1h With your bike: 10€‚ all day 10-entry season ticket: 65 €‚ Annual subscription with your bike*: 200€‚* not valid in the weekend

Gotra, 63/A, 43051 Gotra PR, Italy

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