Velosolutions Pump Track Füssen, Germany

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The two pump tracks in Füssen are part of a 4.400 sqm skate and bike park. The main goal was to create tracks that are rideable and good fun for all levels: both pump tracks enclose the skate area (bowl, street plaza, mini ramp) with the smaller track having one single loop with 2 berms and 2 doubles on each side – just perfect for beginners. The bigger one has the outer dimension of about 43 by 24 meters and is a good combination of being demanding for intermediate riders and still challenging at high speed for experts. It sports a set of various berms, doubles and transfer jumps which crave for being combined with flow and creativity. Just the right place for your two-wheeled antics!

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Skate- und Bikepark Füssen
Schwedenweg 2
87629 Füssen

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