Velosolutions Pump Track
Grobiņa Latvija. Grobina Latvia

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The first Velosolutions Pump Track in the Kurzeme region of Latvia. Grobiņa Pump Track is a great example of how pump tracks are becoming a part of each town, just like football fields or kids’ playgrounds. At first glance, the pump track seems small, but it has such intense berms that you can push to your limits very quickly. And with a special “half bowl” element, the pump track gives a nice place for freestyle tricks. Grobiņa Pump Track is located in the center of the city right next to the stadium and skate park. The entire area is perfect for different generations to spend quality time, develop various skills, and have fun!

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Celtnieku iela 29 Grobiņa,
Grobiņas pilsēta, LV-3430 Latvia

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