Velosolutions Pump Track Manila, Philippines

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The Bike Playground offers the first asphalt pump track in the country & the first one where riders can create their own lines. It also has an outdoor trail and a kids outdoor track where lessons and coachings are offered for all levels and age. The pump track is housed in a 36×21 m warehouse, so that it can be ridden even during the rainy season.

Opening hours

7:00am to 8:00pm / 7days

Entry fee

Day Rate (7am to 5pm) 65 Pesus
Night Rate (5pm to 8pm) 90 Pesus


Athena Mendoza

The Bike Playground - Circulo Verde
Calle Industria
Quezon City

  • Pump Track
  • Pump Park
  • Indoor Pump Track



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