Velosolutions Pump Track Nanaimo, Steve Smith Memorial Park, Canada

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Two Velosolutions Pump Tracks were built in Nanaimo, BC to honour the memory of Canadian professional downhill mountain bike rider, Steve Smith. The Steve Smith Bike Park consists of an advanced and a beginner pum ptrack covering 2,600m2. Over 260 tons of asphalt were carefully manicured one wheelbarrow load at a time into a bicycle work of art. The park also features 3 dirt jump lines and 1 mulch jump, built by Island Native Jordie Lunn, with the help of Darren Berrecloth. It’s the largest skills park of it’s kind in North America. The numbers that went into the construction are staggering. The creation of Stevie’s dream park was made a reality by generous donations from the entire community, the Steve Smith Memorial Fund, and the City of Nanaimo.

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The Stevie Smith Bike Park
2300 Bowen Rd
BC V9T 2B7

  • Pump Track
  • Kids Track