Velosolutions Pump Track,
Tavagnasco, Italy

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These Velosolutions Pump Tracks are a part of the Turin Outdoor Bike Park located in the village of Tavagnasco, in the Aosta Valley 1 hour north of  Turin (Torino).  Two custom-designed asphalt tracks that are fun, flowing and challenging.  The smaller track is for kids and is 86 meter long, with 5 berms and 16 rollers.  The larger track is 214 meters long and has more challenging terrain, with 10 bermed corners and 30 roller jumps.

Opening hours

10.00 - 19.00

Entry fee

3,10€ – 17,00€


We can help you get a pump track like this one, contact us at

10010 Tavagnasco TO, Italy

  • Pump Track
  • Kids Track