Velosolutions Pump Track Eersel, Netherlands

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Built in 2016 the pump track at campsite TerSpegelt in Eersel (NL) consists of two tracks, that can be ridden as one. The main track has a long rhythm straight and a very cool combination of twists and turns. There is also a separate kids track with mellow rollers. The track covers an area of 1600m2 and is approx. 330 meters in length. “The pump track is a huge success for our campground. Velosolutions helped us with perfect advise and practical knowledge. Their flexible attitude made the whole process a very pleasant experience for us, from the integrated design up to the building on site.” – Michel Huigevoort (campsite manager)

Opening hours

10:00am - 8:00pm

Entry fee

free for guests 
5€ for visitors

Postelseweg 88
5521 RD Eersel

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