Velosolutions Pump Track Ugovizza

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Cycling enthusiasts should not miss the Pump Track in Ugovizza. This track is characterised by the presence in succession of humps, bumps and parabolic curves and allows various combinations aimed at the enjoyment of the user. The aim is to cover the track without pedalling, but only using the thrust (pump) of the body created by the continuous movement of bending and extension. The Pump Track is suitable for everyone, from the youngest who are just beginning to use a bike to adults who want to improve their riding technique. The track can also be used on a balance bike, scooter, skateboard, roller skates or simply on a mountain bike!

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For information: +39 327 4329604 +39 346 4199423
For hire, maintenance and accompaniment: Luca +39 340 4166081 or Giulio +39 340 4816796

Via Stazione, 8, 33010 Ugovizza UD

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