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From America to Africa, pump tracks are being built in all corners of the world. They provide a playground for kids and adults alike, from beginner’s to professionals a pump track provides a community with a sustainable and fun packed activity for all. So what is a pump track? A pump track is designed for all things on wheels. From mountain bikes to bmx’s and skateboards a pump track is a playground for all wheels. By combining rolling jumps with turns they are accessible for all. Teaching the basic skills of carrying momentum, balance and speed by using your arms and legs to pump your bike/board/scooter around the track. As you get better the tracks are designed to provide more challenges for you with no changes to the construction. A feature that a 5 year old can roll through can be used as a gap jump for a professional. Pump tracks provide a safe and fun environment for all. They have helped to breed Olympians and world champions in DH Mountain Biking and BMX racing and have brought communities together to enjoy a fun filled activity together.

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