534 Pump Tracks in 10 Years

Velosolutions celebrates 10 years of asphalt pump track construction in 2022 with 534 tracks completed in 50 countries. We are extremely thankful for all the people, cities, partners and crews that have shared this incredible journey with us and have helped us to make cycling and action sports more accessible for so many people around the world. 

The support of our clients and the mountain bike industry has enabled us to launch the Pump for Peace program which takes Velosolutions Pump Tracks to underprivileged communities and developing countries. 

In 2022 Pump for Peace facilitated the construction of pump tracks in Armenia, Rwanda, Nepal, Israel and Kenya and started the Pump for Peace XCO World Cup racing team with Faranak Partoazar from Iran and Tumelo Makae from Lesotho. 

While continuing the development of pump track design, we’re grateful for being in a position that also allows us to grow the UCI Pump Track World Championships since 2018 together with Red Bull.

Below is what feels like a snapshot of 10 incredible years and could be easily replaced by 1000 different photos. You can find all of our pump tracks on the new revamped pumptrack.com. Check it out!  

This is only the beginning of the journey. Come along for the ride. 

Harstad Bike Park, Norway 2022

Where it all started…

Mont Sainte Anne, Canada 2010

Mont Sainte Anne pump track race in 2010? 

Just kidding, we wanted to use this photo and it only worked here

It all started here

Jenaz, Switzerland 2009

We tried it in concrete first - in Jenaz, Switzerland in 2009. Honestly we had no idea if we could work with   concrete. We did, but asphalt worked better and the pump track in Chur, Switzerland was our first asphalt pump track. Built in 2012 and our start of the official 10 year count, it has stood the test of time and is to this day a great facility.

Chur, Switzerland 2012

Chur, Switzerland today

Zurich Bike Park

May 25th 2013 was the inauguration of the then world’s biggest urban bike park: The 5900m2 bike park in Zurich. Sils was the first Pump Park, there was also Pontresina, but they didn't trust the asphalt idea just yet. There was also Lindlar in Germany, which was actually our first German project and only our second asphalt track (maybe third) and we did it all alone, just 3 of us. Claudio almost killed himself on that one, working so hard at 35°C, laying the asphalt on the entire track as well as compacting it. It was close to going to the hospital after finishing in the evening. (Not the first and probably not the last time for Claudio being close to going to hospital) 

We made some friends in the Netherlands and we started calling them Velosolutions Benelux 

We did the same in the UK 

Aranyaphrathet, Thailand construction 2014

And in 2014 we took the show on the road to Asia, first we headed to Thailand

Adrien Loron and Claudio in Thailand

We did a calendar shoot (we really didn’t).


Aranyaphrathet, Thailand  2014

We did build this though, covering an area of 2800m2 with a total track length of 400m in Aranyaphrathet.

New York, USA 2015

Then the Big Apple called

We answered.

AND WHAT AN EXPERIENCE THAT WAS AND STILL IS! The initiation of Velosolutions USA and a deep friendship, as well as the love for New York City. 

New York, USA 2015

We know we owe you a new pump track New York. We’ll be back

Bali, Indonesia 2016

Then we went to Bali, some surfed, some attempted to surf.. 

Kerobokan, Bali 2016

We did this too…

Nanaimo, Canada 2017

We surfed in Canada, it was just a touch little colder 

Stevie Smith Memorial Bike Park, Canada 2017

Privileged to have done our bit  in preserverving this legacy in Nanaimo for the Stevie Smith Memorial Bike Park. 

India, 2017

To Hyderabad in India 

Kotaix Bike Park, Chile 2017

And for our first track in South America we headed to Chile

Roma, Lesotho construction 2017

To Roma, Lesotho and the construction of the first Pump for Peace pump track


We made more friends around the world



South Africa


And many more friends to account for 25 amazing partners we have globally. 

Red Bull Pump Track World Championships 2018, Arkansas, USA

We started a thing in 2018

It became a bigger thing.

Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships, Bern Switzerland

The Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships hands out the first rainbow jersey to Tommy Zula and Payton Ridenour in 2019.

Red Bull UCI Pump Track World Championships, Lisbon, Portugal 2021

Santiago, Chile in 2022 with Niels Bensink and Christa von Niederhausern.

Faranak Partoazar, Iran 2022

We launched the Velosolutions - Pump for Peace XCO racing team with Faranak Partoazar from Iran and Tumelo Makae from Lesotho in 2022 and the future is bright.

Thank you to every single person who has ever ridden one of our tracks or trails, we hope to see you all out there real soon.