Hermina Bringapark Pumptrack, Hungary (Hermina, Hungary)

Pump Track, Pump Park, Kids Track

last edited Thursday, November 24, 2022
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Pump Track Pump Park Kids Track
1162 Hermina
Budapest, Hermina út, 1162 Hungary
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Velosolutions GmbH Via Stenna 4 7017 Flims Switzerland +41 81 911 12 12 info@velosolutions.com


The first and the biggest (800m2) hungarian racing pumptrack! The waves of the track were made in various sizes, with a distribution of 3/4/5 m, from a height of 30 cm to 1 m, the curves were made with 3.3 and 4 m radius, with a height of 1.3-1.5 m. You won’t get bored of them because they can be combined to the extreme! You decide whether to jump in a double or transfer from one bend to another, with which you can even change direction! More lines The track basically consists of two laps, a big circle with fun-boxes and an S-turn, you decide where you go. But you can also combine them, you can go from one place to another in several places. Dirtline Do you want a little more than smooth pumping? We have integrated 3 pcs 1.5-2 m high fun-boxes into the big circle, so if you are a beginner, don\’t be afraid! You can roll it smoothly and jump later! The kid track is separated.