Hyderabad, India (Peeramcheru, Telangana 500086, Indien, India)

Pump Track

last edited Tuesday, November 22, 2022
built by velosolutions
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Pump Track
9937 Peeramcheru, Telangana 500086, Indien
9937+PPM, Peeramcheru, Telangana 500086, Indien
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open everyday except Wednesdays from 12am to 10pm

Entry Fees

1 Hour: Rs 150 2 Hour: Rs 250 Membership: RS 2500/ month

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info@velosolutions.com velosolutions.com HAMZA KHAN hamza@wallridepark.co +91 81065 79591


Pump track in Hyderabad – where Indian Kids get to ride. When the city of Hyderabad in India wanted to support the growing interest in cycling, the WallRide park was conceived in partnership with Velosolutions. Months later, the pump track in Hyderabad is built and gets everyone to ride. From first time riders to pro’s. The WallRide park consists of the first skate park in the state of Telengana and the first ever asphalt pump track in India. Very few people were even aware of what a pump track was when the project was first conceived but since the park has opened word is spreading fast. The residents of Hyderabad have embraced the opportunity and are discovering the joy of a new sport.