Masdar City, United Arab Emirates

Pump Track, Kids Track, Wheel Chair

last edited Monday, January 15, 2024
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Pump Track Kids Track Wheel Chair
United Arab Emirates
CJR9+R8G Masdar City
CJR9+R8G - Masdar City - Abu Dhabi - Vereinigte Arabische Emirate
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The futuristic Masdar City has the largest Velosolutions pump track (4,000 square meters) in the UAE and the Middle East that offers 3 tracks and, therefore, everyone can have a great time riding their bicycles and skateboards. The main track is the largest track with a jump track of 224 meters and is designed for the UCI Pump Track World Championships race while the smallest track is suitable for the People of Determination on wheelchairs and for everyone else who is just starting their exciting journey of riding pump tracks. The main track tests riders' skills and lets them build up high speed to fly over doubles and triples and presents many corners to ride with a flow. The middle track is (108 meters) with 5 corners and many rollers is perfect to have fun while building up stamina and skills. The track has facility to sit under ample green shading, a sand pit play area for kids and a beautiful landscaping with native plants around the track makes visiting the pump track a nice experience. The pump track is illuminated so the visitors can enjoy exciting after-sunset sessions.