Middelkerke, Belgium

last edited Tuesday, March 14, 2023
built by velosolutions
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Track Types
Pump Track Kids Track Jump Track
8430 Middelkerke
Westendelaan 71, 8430 Middelkerke
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Velosolutions GmbH Via Stenna 4 7017 Flims Switzerland +41 81 911 12 12 info@velosolutions.com


3 months of construction resulted in the largest Urban Fun Zone in Europe! With a kids track, race PumpTrack, several Wallrides, Jump Track, 3 bowls and skate elements, everyone will find what they are looking for here. We are grateful for the opportunity that the municipality of Middelkerke has given us. Also the first location in the Benelux where skate elements have been added that give an extra dimension to the PumpTrack for skateboarders. In addition to pumping, you can also go for free running at the park and various hiking trails are being constructed.