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last edited Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Wednesday afternoon, June 29, Pump track Ouddorp Duin was festively opened. The honor went to Mayor Ada Grootenboer to cut the red and white ribbon together with a few children. The pump track had been wrapped in red and white ribbons for a month because of the work that still had to be carried out. This to the great disappointment of the youth from Ouddorp who couldn't wait to enter the track. Wednesday was the day, after the speeches of Jeroen den Hollander (land owner), J├Ârgen Borsboom (director Natural High) and Mayor Ada Grootenboer, the countdown took place and then the children could start on the pump track.

Unique pump track
The track consists of 3 parts; a kids track, a pump track and a skate bowl. Both small children from the age of 3 can go there on a balance bike or scooter, but professional skaters also like to show their 'tricks' in the skate bowl. A pump track is an asphalt circuit with bends and bumps that follow each other rhythmically. It's kind of a cross between a BMX track and a skate park. The pump track Ouddorp Duin is unique in the Netherlands, because of the combination of pump track and the challenging skate bowl. The pump track is located next to the roundabout at the Vrijheidsweg and the Westerweg in Ouddorp, in the Ouddorp Duin recreation area. The pump track is accessible for free from sunrise to sunset. On the track you can ride a (walking) bike, step, skateboard, or skates and wearing a helmet is mandatory. On the Strandplein of Ouddorp Duin, you can buy bmx bicycles, scooters, rent balance bikes and protection. At Natural High, also located on the Strandplein, you can rent and buy skateboards and protection
The track was realized with a contribution from the tourist tax reserve of the Municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee. In addition, the following parties have made a substantial financial contribution: Landal Beach Resort Ouddorp Duin, Ridderstee, Holiday Park De Klepperstee, Project Developer Otium, Dorpsraad Ouddorp, Natural High, Restaurant Bij Marc, SPAR, RentTourBuy and the Houten Kaap.

The Ouddorp Duin entrepreneurs have often shown that they can jointly realize large projects. Often in good cooperation with the municipality and province, such as last year's Minigolf Ouddorp Duin, the Strandtheater and the event square, for events such as the open-air cinema or food truck festivals. For next year, the Ouddorp Duin entrepreneurs will still look at phase 2 of the Outdoorbos, where the pump track is located, to expand it even further with (outdoor) sports elements.