Pianezza, Italy

Pump Track

last edited Thursday, November 23, 2023
built by velosolutions
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Track Types
Pump Track
10044 Pianezza
Via Musine
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Opening Hours

From monday to friday 14:00 / 19:00 Saturday and sunday 11:00 / 19:00

Entry Fees

Membership card: 20 € One day ticket under 18: 5 €‚ / over 18: 9€

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Velosolutions GmbH Via Stenna 4 7017 Flims Switzerland +41 81 911 12 12 info@velosolutions.com


The Pump Track of Pianezza was made by Velosolutions. It is playground and training facilitie for bikers, skateboarders, scooter or rollerblade riders of all skill levels. Asphalted tracks are hotspots for all kinds of riders who seek a fun and action-filled sports experience. Velosolutions Pump Tracks are highly popular destinations that become a hive of community activity. Riders enjoy practicing the basic skills of carrying momentum, improving balance and building speed by using their arms and legs to pump their bike/board/scooter around the track. As riders improve their skills, the tracks are designed to provide the option for more challenges with increased speed and skill, without needing to change the construction. A feature that a 5-year-old can roll through can be used as a gap jump for a professional.