Pumptrack Ponta da Fruta (Vila Velha, Brazil)

Pump Track

last edited Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Pump Track
Brazil - Espirito Santo
29129-070 Vila Velha
Av. Sílvio Baratella, 160 - Ponta da Fruta, Vila Velha - ES
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Opening Hours

24 hours

Entry Fees

Free entrance

Some Facts

Instagram - @qgradicaloficial https://www.instagram.com/qgradicaloficial/ +5527997641987 Hugo (English, Spanish and Portuguese)


The new Pump Track is the first in Latin America built on the edge of the beach. It has 280 linear meters of track and an area of ​​2,260 m² with two levels, intermediate and beginner.
The project was developed by the architect of Vila Velha City Hall, Cristiano Sarter, and the track was built by BMX professional Blue Herbert, a specialist in this style of track.
The new attraction was built on a modeled earth base, two layers of coating, one of asphalt and the other of micro coating, which will give the level of fluidity, speed and also so that the resistance of the surface is perfect for practitioners.