Sluiskil, Netherlands

Pump Track

last edited Friday, January 6, 2023
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Pump Track
4541 Sluiskil
4541 GS Sluiskil, Nederland
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The village of Sluiskil is characterized as a 'GIDS district'. This means that there are health differences in Sluiskil. In order to reduce these differences, municipalities receive money to develop initiatives that can help with this. For example, in 2020, the municipality of Terneuzen started a process together with the senior students of the primary school from Sluiskil. The students were allowed to indicate what could be improved in Sluiskil and what would be fun. The outcome was to turn the existing village park into a sports park, with a beautiful pump track course in the middle of the park. In addition to the pump track, fitness and play equipment have been installed. The village park is now a sports park, where young and old can play sports, recreate and come together.